Our service includes the following:

1. Creation of 3d Virtual Reality Tour (max. 200 scans) - (needs an yearly subscription to play on your website)
2. 2d snapshots from the highlights of the tour in high resolution - suitable for printing. (Forever Yours)
3. 360° Panoramas from the highlights to publish at Facebook, Instagramm, Twitter etc. (Forever Yours)
4. Small video clip of the tour to publish at YouTube, Vimeo, etc. (Forever Yours)

One time setup fee from 150€ incl. 1 year hosting of the 3d tour.
Add our aerial package (4k video + Photos from above - birds view!) 250€ - discounted price only valid together with 3d VR Tour. Regular price: 350€

You will receive the code of the tour, which your web master can easily embed into your website. The 3d tour is hosted on a especially configured server, so users don´t have to download any plugin in order to see the 3d tour! It will play directly on your website.